“I owe a huge debt of appreciation to Bob Dunwoody.  Not only did he hire me, giving me a start in this industry, but he has been a constant source of inspiration for the past 40 plus years.  Bob manages, through a combination of wisdom and humor, to help us as individuals to focus on what is really important professionally and personally.  His reputation in our industry is legendary, and should be, considering the number of brokers he has inspired over the years to reach the next level in their careers, relationships and lives.  I am very honored to have had Bob as a friend and mentor for the most part of my life.” 

M.D. – New York

“Bob’s Program took me from $460,000 to $860,000 in less than twenty four months.  I would recommend his program if you are serious about increasing your business.”


“In short he has to be the best motivational “Common Sense” speaker that I have heard during my career. His combination of insightful observations and practical advice made a lot of sense to me and I look forward to putting many of them into practice.”

– Anonymous, A.G. Edwards

“I’m going to have to go with awesome! Your program was unquestionably the finest I have ever attended. You articulated our jobs and lives in a manner so simple yet so powerful that it just has to have a positive impact on all in conscious attendance. But you already know that. I truly appreciate your efforts and your ability to transfer the information you have put together over the years. It has already had an impact on my world.”

– J.E. 


Seminar: A Seminar on Success for Spouses of Top Producers

“After 15 years of living with a highly successful producer, this seminar finally enabled me to understand what my husband goes through every day. More importantly, the seminar is helping us build an even better relationship while he earns even more money!”

“I don’t exactly know what happened, but, four months after participating in this seminar, we have a better relationship with our children and a better time together. We’re a lot more relaxed, too.”