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Bob Dunwoody and Shane Squibb bring a perspective that understands the challenges and rewards of any sales and entrepreneurial career. They both have extensive experience in training and development of sales producers, Branch managers and other entrepreneurs. They are energetic, humorous and exceptional communicators. They motivate producers of all experience levels and success levels to take their business to the next level. These producers will take a serious evaluation of their existing practice and take the steps to reach ultimate success and reach their full potential.

The Path to Success

This seminar is designed for both the new and the experienced producers. It is developed to focus on the values and habits that top successful people of all industries posses. It will provide you with a new perspective in your career and your life. It will reduce personal anxiety of a fast paced, high stress, occupation and turn your business into a low risk, low stress, and highly profitable compounding business. Get onto The Path to Success!

Taking your Business to the Next Level

This seminar is designed for top sales leaders of any company. It addresses the plateau effect that occurs with many top and long time producers. Turn your sales team into highly motivated,highly successful individuals ready to embrace CHANGE. Do your top producers believe they can go even higher? Take down the myth that they will have to work harder and longer than they already do to reach new levels never thought possible. This presentation will open their eyes to the possibilities of their life. Today more than ever clients are looking for trusted advisers. Maximize your competitive advantage by adding value to the sales process.

Building People Around You

This seminar is designed for the leadership of your organization. Many managers see themselves as just managers. They don’t look at themselves as leaders. This presentation will empower your leaders to develop people around them and reach ultimate success through:

  • Attraction: Attracting high power, successful individuals to your organization.
  • Integrity: Reaching extraordinary success the right way.
  • Adding Value: Adding value to your producers lives so they will follow your leadership.
  • Technically competent: Laying out the skills and habit you need to posses to technically lead your organization into the future.

Building a culture of successes starts with the leaders around you!

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Keynote Presentations

Open to the possibilities

This is an in-depth look at the power of a vision and being open to the possibilities. This presentation examines the factors that will change your life and career. It will allow you to see your future and achieve your full potential more than ever before. Be open to the possibility that what is possible is possible for you!

Pro-Active vs. Re-Active

This presentation looks at the power of words that you use on a daily basis that impact your life for good and for bad. This presentation has a unique insight to the way top successful people think and how failures think. It is a humorous, energetic presentation that will change your life and the life of those around you. Impact you! Impact your team! Impact your organization! Impact your family! Everyone!

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Management Consulting

We will provide business consulting to you on your current business practices for you and your leadership team. This solution will address all challenges of your organization and its business development. Impact your Recruiting and selection of top successful individuals. Develop or enhance your training program to ensure a Fast Start into the career. Develop the supervision techniques that will impact your leadership within the organization.