About Us

Bob Dunwoody

Bob Dunwoody founded Productivity, Inc. in 1986 and has been captivating groups ever since. He has spoken to more than 50,000 people and has served top advisers, executives, and companies over these years. Bob has built sales forces and created market strategies and tactics for hundreds of individuals and companies across the country.

Bob is one of the most experienced and well-respected sales productivity seminar leaders in the country. No other seminar leader has Bob’s broad-based experience in the financial industry.

Bob has extensive experience in the same business you are in – serving individual clients; from being an F.A. to running large retail sales forces in two major firms. He has gained respect because he does not talk theory. He has walked the path from failure to success.

His approach is unique. His style and information are intellectual, very specific, readily implementable, and delivered with great enthusiasm! All of his observations, ideas and thoughts have been tried and tested in the fire of the “REAL WORLD” and allowed Financial Adviser’s to achieve their VISIONS.

Bob’s program is designed for Financial Advisers who are open to the possibility of moving to the next level of success. They will see a very clear and simple path to achieving their objectives.

Bob’s approach is not about working longer and harder – it focuses on being more Productive rather than getting busier.


Shane Squibb

Shane has spent 16 years in the Financial Services industry as a producer, sales manager, and president of a Financial Planning Firm. He is also an entrepreneur outside the financial services industry and leads several businesses and its employees to industry success.

Shane has extensive experience in the Insurance and Financial Services Industry as well as expertise in running a successful Financial Planning Practice. He has obtained a high level of success as a producer and leading others as a manager. Due to his high level of success and freedom, Shane was able to follow his entrepreneurial spirit and also runs a Multi-Million dollar business outside the Financial World.

Similar to Bob, Shane has achieved success using the information he talks about. It is not theory or untested. He lives it in his professional and personal life. From starting out as a failure in the insurance industry to following his dream and working with Bob, Shane has obtained success beyond what he thought possible.

Shane has been mentored by some the most successful business leaders across the country. He has taken this combined knowledge to help change the way people view success and through this program, help people experience success for themselves.

Like Bob he has a passion for studying successful people and sharing this information to change lives.